We expect a commitment to respect not only the club but all involved – including players, parents, families, officials, coaches, umpires, visitors, ours and other clubs facilities and, above all else, ourselves.

Each and every one of us is responsible for showing and reinforcing respect throughout our club and the community. We set the examples of honesty, integrity and the willingness to achieve for all to benefit.


We are leaders in South Australian cricket. Each and every one of us can be a leader in our own way.

We all set the standard in areas of communication, co-operation and motivation. We show initiative on and off the field. We lead by example…be the one to step up first, show support and encouragement to your fellow club members, both junior and senior, and, above all, be approachable to all. A good leader will seek to create an environment where all can achieve to their highest potential.


We understand that cricket is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. We believe that maintaining discipline in all aspects of our preparation for games and within the club, in general, enhances our ability to demonstrate our skill on playing days. In the case of non-playing members we understand that maintaining discipline builds club spirit and provides a better basis for decision-making.


We love cricket, we love our club, and we love to win! We never give up, no matter the odds.

Child safety

While we do not have junior teams on occasions current students of Trinity College do play for us, hence we are signatories to the Australian Cricket Child Safety Statement:

Australian Cricket Child Safety Policy FINAL
Looking After Our Kids for Associations Clubs
Australian Cricket Child Safety Commitment Statement FINAL