The Trinity Old Scholars had a great day on Saturday, defeating Adelaide Warriors in C and D grade to progress to grand finals.

Our D grade moved through to the PDCA LO2 grand final with a good win over Adelaide Warriors.

Both matches were wrapped up with sixes, giving the boys something extra to cheer as they moved into the big one by defeating a club with which we have a bit of history.

In the C grade, man of the match mention went to Anton Hill who collected four wickets and buccaneered his way to an unbeaten 34, including the winning zak.

Not far behind him was medium-pace wobbler Scott Lee who destroyed the Warriors batting order with a handful of wickets, for his third five-wicket haul for the club.

Hill started us off on the right foot with two early wickets and then skipper Jace Morgan really got the ball rolling with the dismissal of the Warriors’ dangerman.

It was only Amrish Patel (55*) who stood between us and an early finish, but Lee took all the wickets around him as he snared his five scalps and then Hill returned to knock over the last two.

In reply, we started off solidly and sensibly with Grady Hudd (24) and Mick ‘I don’t lose grand finals’ Rutherford getting us to 40.

Nathan Kennedy (16) and Jacob Snook (19*) kept the ship steady, before Hill was moved up the order at the fall of the fourth wicket.

He didn’t hang around, blasting two fours off his first balls to shut down any Warrior hopes and he and Snook proceeded to collect the runs with ease, culminating in Hill smacking a six to finish the game. Anton, are you sure you can’t play the GF?

Meanwhile, at Blakeview the match followed a fairly similar pattern.

The visitors batted first and were tied up early by good bowling from Andrew Thwaites and Bailey Puvogel.

With runs tough to come by, the wickets started to fall and Warriors found themselves needing to make runs and preserve wickets.

The pair had two wickets between them as Warriors stumbled to 7/79.

That job became even tougher when Liam Burke came on to bowl and he collected 3/6 off 6.2 overs, impressive given the size of Blakeview’s outfield.

Warriors’ tail lifted the score 127, which should never be anywhere near enough at Blackers. It wasn’t.

We lost one of our key threats, Dylan Kilmier, to be 1/8 and then 2/35 when Joel Milhench fell.

But Warriors needed to get wickets more regularly if they were to triumph.

Charlie Collins provided a roadblock by playing proper cricket to score an unbeaten 33 off 90-odd balls, while Lachlan Kilmier hit 50 off 43 balls to bring us close to the score.

Thwaites made sure victory was comprehensive, hitting 16 runs in five balls, including a six to win the match.

Job done in the C grade.

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