Budgie smugglers ruled the day when the Trinity Old Scholars Cricket Club’s Backyard Cricket Day hit the pitch again.

F45ers presented a united front as they surged to victory with not a dadbod in sight…

It was Australia Day and it was appropriate that the winning team wore budgie smugglers, without a Tony Abbott among them.

The F45ers, featuring Jacob Snook, Dylan Milhench, Brayden French, Harrison Varley and Cam Matters won the day after a big run chase in the final.

Cam Fletcher’s illness late in the day prevented the Rat Pack from winning, after looking the goods early.

The biggest highlight of the day was Snook dismissing an entire team in taking five wickets in five balls – a triple hat-trick.

Anybody who saw him bowl in the C grade on Saturday would be surprised to hear that.

Six teams took part in what was a great day of fun-raising for the TOSers.

Thanks to the DeRuvo family for hosting the day and to Brad Schaper, Fletch, Liam Beazleigh and Austin Smith for organising a great event.

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