Tom is the bloke that every club needs, the one who arrives at just the right time to do a job that can be hard to fill.

Quietly spoken, but willing to get in and have a chat, Tom has taken on the A1 scoring duties for the TOSCC in 2019/20.

This is a role that can be hard to fill and we are really thankful that Tom has made our club, his club.

Tom is also a lifeguard at the Aquadome and is set to study nursing in 2020.

Tom Sherratt at work on the tools.

Junior club – First club I scored for was Monmouth 🏴

Scoring debut for TOSCC – At Marion, second day

Favourite scoring moment – When Monmouth chased down 356 in a 50 over game

Personal cricket highlight – First Test series I watched, which was the 2016/2017 Ashes, that we won

TOSer to star in 2019/20 – Liam Beazleigh

Your aims for 2019/20 – Have a good start to Uni and then also assist where I can around the place

Your TOS Dreamteam player – Liam Beazleigh

Favourite TOSCC member – Nathan Lee

Song you can sing every line to – I Gotta Feeling, The Black Eyed Peas

Do you have a Kathmandu jacket – No

Five people you’d invite to a birthday party – Ducky, Nathan, Riley, Lisa, Alex

Favourite dating app – Tinder

What is the best advice you can give about swimming – Use your whole body and keep your chin on your chest

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