Alex Cotter is a great clubman, whose sense of fun and love for his team-mates is legendary. He’s also known for smokin’ darts and breakin’ opposition hearts.

He has been a significant driver in our promotion to A1. A reliable bat and former club captain, Cotts has knocked up three centuries, including the our sole T20 hundred.

A man for all seasons, Big City recently enjoyed a run of two cricket premierships and two footy flags in consecutive seasons – not a bad record.

Learn a little more about the surprisingly nimble big fella below (be warned, it features one massive sledge against an opponent).

Junior club – ATCO Hornets

Alex Cotter’s first cricket club change rooms.

Top score – 160 odd

Best bowling figures – No idea

Premierships – 4 or 5?

Personal cricket highlight – Matt Claughton’s mum’s pinwheels. Or any of the flags

TOSer to star in 2019/20 – Young nav life Taz (Tarryn Matthews)

Your TOS Dreamteam player – Mitchell Dearing. Bats when all the hard work is done and takes the tail order when bowling.

Dream Team star Mitch Dearing and his dad, Mark – who Cotts rates higher than his son.

Favourite TOSCC member – Mark Dearing, his son could learn a thing or two.  

Song you can sing every line to – Too many to name, but Talk Dirty/Jason Derulo. It’s always on after a flag.

Sing along with Cotts.

Do you have a Kathmandu jacket – No, I’m a Johnny Bigg operator.

Five people you’d invite to a birthday party – Leo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, SKW, Nick Riewoldt, Stephen Milne.

When you wait outside the changerooms long enough, you get to invite your hero to dinner.

Who’s faster between wickets, yourself of Brad Cameron? – I’ll let the video do the talking. Me, by a mile.

Who was best on ground in the 2018/19 grand final – Rowey

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