In season 2007/08 18 players represented our club as we commenced our journey as the Trinity College Old Scholars Cricket Club.

Competing in ATCA’s LO2 Division, we won seven games and collected four draws.

These men were our first players. They are our pioneers.

Rob Thomas, Brad Wilkinson, Tim Viner-Smith, Mick Rutherford, Adrian Zorich, Ash Hutchings, Ben Johnson, Stef Lainas, Jason Bown, Qui Le, Hunter Martin, Reece Traeger, Tom Forwood, Nick McColl, Jules Raeside, Ali Forwood, Tavis Beere, Peter Bajcic.

Mick Rutherford

In 2018/19, Adrian Zorich is the president of our club, while Mick Rutherford and Tom Forwood have played in the lower grades for us.

Tim Viner-Smith, Ali Forwood and Stefan Lainas are set to embark on another finals campaign in the A grade.

This trio join the following players who have played A grade cricket for us this season and driven us into ATCA’s A1 grade, the highest level at which our club can play.

Mitch Dearing, Brad Cameron, Alex Cotter, Austin Smith, Daniel Elvin, Eythan Barraclough, Nick Hooker, Jarryd Furnell, Brad Schaper, Jace O’Hara, Brad Matters, Jacob Snook, Grady Hudd, Tom Jones, Matt Knox.

Thank you to all who have played A grade this season and given 2019/20’s players the opportunity to be our next group of pioneers.

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