With a growing family and a strong interest in the Trinity Old Scholars Football Club, Ben Johnson doesn’t get around the cricket club as much as he used to.

But…when we asked him to name his all-time favourite TOSCC XI he conceded that getting this bunch of blokes together would certainly get his competitive juices going.

If we can’t get this side together, Johnno said the only other chance of him playing again was being in the same team as his eldest son, Archie.
That’s a long way off!

Here’s his team in (questionable) batting order and featuring plenty of Trinity Mad Dogs.

Ben Hall

Combative and good with the gloves, Hally makes a fiery start to the run-scoring. You can be sure there’ll be plenty of lip out there, even if some of it’s cuttingly directed at team-mates.

Ben Johnson

Johnno, with Adrian Zorich, has formed the backbone of this club since its start and deserves a spot in his own team. His medium-pacers aren’t scary, but they put batsmen on the spot. Makes a fairly good sledging companion to his old mate Hally.

Mick Rutherford

Our fly boy has come back to the club after a bit of a break and his wry sense of humour, along with his majestic batting will certainly add some further colour to this team.  

Paul Benz

Our left-arm bowling option, Benz tended to bowl a good line, occasionally, but it was his full tosses that proved most deadly to the opposition. King Kuta doesn’t get back to Waldeck often, now that he’s adopted half of Bali as his own, but he’s always welcome for a game.

Tom Krieg

Until this season, Tom was the club’s leading century-maker, but no-one would match the pace at which this big hitter’s brought up his runs. He and Ruthers can share ciggies between balls.

Tim Viner-Smith

Ever reliable, the club’s most successful skipper and a real clubman. When the sledging gets out of hand, TVS can put on his nice guy act and calm the opposition down, before then cutting them down with some lip when they least suspect it.  

Ali Forwood

Probably the most competitive bloke in this list, Ali works hard and plays hard. He’ll coach this mob to victory and then lead the way in the partying. What more could you ask for?

Adrian Zorich

Nothing else needs to be said. The President. He should be in any and every TOSCC Best XI ever picked. Legend.

Nathan Kennedy

All-round talent, who brings fielding chops to this side, as well as a solid warm-up routine. Will enjoy the occasion, but also make sure everyone’s looked after.

Stef Lainas

Good lower-order batsman and under-rated, by the opposition, spinner, who in his quiet way always puts the score on the board for the TOSers. Doesn’t suffer fools and adds just a hint of calm to wherever he goes.

Jace O’Hara

Fast bowler and very competitive. He would love the wickets, but won’t be disappointed to see Johnno bowling up the other end and reaping the rewards of his fearsome spells. Back home now, where he belongs.

Keith Hooker (12th man)

The club’s leading wicket-taker and, if we can nurse him through, will be the first TOSer to reach 200 wickets. Wants a Baggy Yellow, so there’s even more incentive for him to play a few more games.

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