It looks like we’re all sad/sick puppies, with this Thursday’s greyhound fundraiser at Angle Park cancelled due to what is predicted to be a record-breaking hot day tomorrow.

Unfortunately our Night at the Races at Angle Park this Thursday has been cancelled due to heat.

We had a full card of races and a $35 investment got you entry to the races, a full buffet dinner, a drink and a $5 betting ticket – that’s good energies if ever we’d seen them. Sadly, the race cancellation means bad energies.

The event is off, but our sponsors still get races named after them and they’ll take place on Saturday. Their sponsorship will also carry through to the next time we host this event – which will be rescheduled, possibly for next year.

Race sponsors

We’ve got nine top-line sponsors for who put their hand up to support this event.

Thanks to everyone for coming onboard and supporting our great club – including Mitch Dearing and Alex Cotter. The Kings of TOS?

  1. Zorich Group
  2. Transliquid
  3. Cavalier Carpet Cleaning Services
  4. Marion’s Studio, Hindmarsh
  5. TOSFC
  6. Dynamic Signs
  7. North Waste Composting and Recyling
  8. Real Energy Vending
  9. Cody & Mitchell Kings of TOS

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